In which I write longer-form data-driven reports (aka articles of data journalism)  from such sources as:

  • Statistics Canada & CANSIM
  • Various Country, State/Province and municipal Open Data 
  • Private sector data (usually through 'participating' in data scientist contests, I rarely submit anymore in solidarity with the #MyTimeHasValue design/#IMakeALiving micro-enterprise movements)
  • Max Roser's
  • United Nations data including the MDGs, SDGs
  • Various health-data sets from CIHI, Ontario MoHLTC, local health integration networks, international equivalents especially the USA, UK, Australia and other English publishing countries.  
  • My own self-generated and externally collected personal data (Twitter(s), LinkedIn, Facebook(s), maps/location data)
  • Fake/Found Data from the various nooks and crannies of the web and the real.


Articles are to be distinguishable from Shorties.  Shorties are article-stubs that contain a title, a longer description, a chart/image, source(s), are documented, and contain a perma-link to the data visualization used to create the chart/image or to the original external source in the case of a Source-Shortie.(Clear?)