Welcome to the home of DecisionSupport.ninja.    An unconventional Decision Support Solution (by Data & Technology Solutions)

Please check out my About page and explore what interests you.

My current decision support projects include:

  • Ontario Healthcare (TPA) Reporting System*
  • Ontario Municipal (TPA) Reporting System*
  • Last Mile Decision Support; Waste / Algorithm Logistics
  • TREB Real Estate  Decision Support (pending)
  • AsthmaLink: SMS & IVR Respiratory Chronic Disease Case Management System

*more info

This site will be the first time I've tried to makes a Decision Support Solution widely available.  Theoretically most of the tools should have no problem scaling up from from few, few dozen, and few hundred (usually non-concurrent) that they've been used for before ... but no guarantees.   Some of the Apps and ideas I'm considering making available here include:

Open Data :

  • MTO /Toronto Traffic pseudo-AI Apps
  • Municipal Scorecards (Albert/Ontario) Public Accountability Platform
  • Ontario Public Accounts-Budget Accountability System
  • CANSIM/Country Statistics data monitization solution
  • custom Integrated Reporting Ssystem for IFAC GAAP public accounts


Applied Data Science / Citizen Data Scientists Apps

  • SMS Report (open Key:Value data collection)
  • Guided learning Analytics; fun educational tools for the non-analyst
  • Instant data cleansing & exploration 
  • Self self-service BI (Personal Intelligence)

(all naming subject to change, suggestions welcome)

Registration is by invite only (for now; message nag[at]datatechsoln.com nicely to get added to the first come list) 


Privacy and Terms of Service are available (until complete assume you have none and there aren't any [2018-04-21, ~jba])